Top 3 Best UPS for PC Under 2000 in India (July 2021)

There are certain times when you are pleasantly working or using your PC, laptop for various purposes such as drafting an email, image/video editing, blogging or even playing your favorite games.

The next moment, the electricity cuts from the mains power supply, and all your work or game progress are lost in a jiffy. These definitely are annoying times and we all have been there with the struggles. Oh! And if you’re in India, this can happen more frequently depending on the area or locality you live in.

The solution to this often struggle is an inverter or a UPS. Considering the inventor takes a load of the whole house electronics such as necessary lights, fans, WiFi router, etc. during power cuts, further connecting a PC or desktop may drain out its battery capacity way faster.

Therefore, having a UPS in place should be the way to go for your beloved PCs and gaming machines.

UPS in a Budget

Best UPS for PCs and desktops available both in the offline and online market vary across price ranges depending upon the features and set of functionalities they come with. Definitely, high prices UPS for Desktops provide better battery endurance, better voltage management, and certain features not found in budget UPS.

But that doesn’t mean UPS low priced, say under Rs. 2,000 are not worthy. With the markets being so competitive, there are many great UPS for your PCs and desktops under Rs. 2,000 which just get the job done fulfilling electricity black-out requirements such as saving your progress and minimizing the voltage fluctuation effects on the internal components of the PC or desktop.

On the other hand, UPS under the price point of Rs. 2,000 are more than sufficient for most use cases when connecting a PC or desktop. These have the power backup to last at least 20 minutes during a full electricity blackout which is enough for most people.

With that being out of the way, we bring you our recommendation of one of the best UPS under Rs. 2,000 which you can get for your personal PC, desktop, or laptop. On and since work from (WFH) is the new norm in most countries, having a UPS at home can be considered as an essential electronic device to have.

Best UPS Under 2000

1. iBall Nirantar UPS 622

The first product on our list is the iBall Nirantar 622 UPS. This ups is one of the best-selling UPS in India. The price of this UPS is slightly higher than 2000. But if you can arrange the extra money then this would be the best value for money.

It can support a Gaming PC, WiFi routers, PlayStation, and Televisions too. This UPS can easily give a backup of up to 20 minutes. This is the first choice to consider under this budget.

2. Zebronics Zeb-U725 600VA UPS

The second UPS on our list is from Zebronics. Zebronics is a reputed brand in the budget UPS category. This UPS from Zebronics can charge itself up to 90% in around 5 hours.

This UPS can provide backup to your pc or desktop for up to 20 minutes. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The battery has just a 1-year warranty, so please take note of that as well. Overall this UPS is a very complete UPS under this price range.

3. Foxin 600VA/360Watt FPS-755 UPS

Foxin 600VA/360Watt FPS-755 UPS

The final product on our list is from Foxin. This 360W UPS can give a battery backup of up to 10-20 minutes. It comes with 3 output ports and an alarm system.

Some of the features of this UPS are Voltage regulation, auto restart/shutdown. These were some of the features of this UPS. Overall it is another great and popular UPS under the price range of Rs. 2000.

Bottom Line

With that being our recommendation of best UPS for PC under Rs 2000 which covers renowned brands currently present in the market. If you’re looking for something specific like Gaming PC UPS, then check out our article on Best UPS for Gaming PC.

At this point, you can be assured that budget UPS are no slouch in terms of delivering optimum performance as opposed to expensive counterparts. Also, majorly depends on the size of the UPS itself meaning the bigger the size, the more would be the battery capacity and vice-versa. Under Rs. 2,000 the capacity you get is more than enough for home and personal PCs.

In a country like India, where the power supply is not consistent in various areas and localities, UPS can come in handy and prevent overloading of your equipment which may otherwise harm the internal components leading to break and making them unusable. Thus, you need not spend much on a UPS for having a power backup during electricity breakdowns.

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