Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA UPS Review: The UPS Made For Gaming Consoles

Microtek is a renowned company that manufactures UPS that is ideal for your computers. The products manufactured by Microtek are made with State-of-the-art technology using Hi-Tech Machines.

Today in this article we are going to review a UPS that is great for your gaming console, the Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA. Let’s have a look into its details and see what makes it special.

Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA UPS Review
Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA UPS Review

Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA UPS Features

Unleashed Power: This Microtek UPS has a capacity of 1000VA giving it an unleashing power to support heavy equipment and makes sure they run smoothly even when there is power fluctuation or powercut.

Wide Input Voltage Capacity: This UPS can easily handle input voltage ranging from 140 volts to 300 volts on AC. So, you do not need to worry about voltage support and the performance of the UPS.

Automatic Voltage Regulation System: Equipped with Boost and Buck AVR system for voltage stabilization, this UPS can easily handle high voltage fluctuation thereby protecting your PC and other electronic equipment from any damage.

Multi LED Indication: Three LED indicator lights show the charging status, the power status, and the indication for any fault in the UPS.

High Reliability: This Microtek UPS Legend 1000 is also highly reliable as it has an excellent Micro Processor that keeps monitoring the UPS and indicates any fault when found.

Charging Speed and Battery Capacity: This up is equipped with two 12V / 7AH batteries that take about 6 hours to recover up to 90% capacity making it one of the fast charging and powerful UPS in the market.

Other Features: Cold Start Function, Off-Mode Charging, Auto restart while on AC recovery and comes with a 2 years warranty.

Technical Details

Brand NameMicrotek
ModelUPS LEGEND 1000
Output Power Capacity1000 VA
Average Battery Life2 Years
Average Battery Backup30 minutes on heavy equipment
Charging Time6 hours to charge 90%
Input Voltage Range140 to 300 V AC
Warranty2 Years on electronic and 1 year on battery

The Benefits Of This UPS

Secondly, it is equipped with two 12V / 7AH batteries that provide constant power even on heavy fluctuation, keeping your equipment safe against sudden power loss.

Lastly, you get a quick charging facility which is essential to support your system on frequent powercut. And above all, you get 2 years of warranty on the electronics products making it an ideal product for your workstation.

Concluding Remarks

The Microtek UPS Legend 1000 is a powerful UPS that can easily cater to your gaming demands and give you uninterrupted power to support your live stream from sudden blackout. Also, it produces negligible noise that does not affect your concentration level.

The details provided in this article are based on our personal experience and also based on many online reviews to ensure that you get the best product for your gaming console. So, have a look at the product from the link given below and have a happy day shopping!!!

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